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Our Mountain Lion season begins on October 1st and runs through March 31st.

The area we hunt consists of a large amount of National Forest, BLM, and bordering wilderness areas. This allows us a huntable population of trophy class lions year after year. We have one of the best packs of proven lion dogs in the southwest. After the dogs have treed the lion, we will find the closest route possible from our vehicle to the treed lion. We will then walk to the treed lion so that we do not startle him. Once we arrive to the treed lion, this will give us the opportunity to judge the sex and trophy Tom on a 5 day hunt is 85%. Our guarantee lion hunt that we offer is 100% success (arrangements must be made with the outfitters.) On this hunt we will continue to hunt, until you have harvested a lion. We have harvested to date several B&C, SCI, and Pope & Young entries since 1989, including the two largest lions ever harvested in the state of New Mexico scoring 15 13/16, 15 8/16 SCI in 2003, after harvesting a 15 9/16 and 15 8/16 B&C. Choice of weapon is up to the hunter. We can book a client in advance on a specific date or have the hunter on a on call basis. We recommend that the hunter be in good physical condition, due to the terrian and weather conditions that may exist for the hunt. For 2016 the hunter must complete a mandatory cougar quiz issued through the Department of Game and Fish. Your state license must be purchased 2 days prior to your hunt. Hunter is responsible for his or her hotel, license fee, and evening meals.