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Personal Items

On our bear, deer and elk hunts we will be staying in a very comfortable tent camps, with ventless heaters, lights, and hot showers. You will need to bring a sleeping bag with you. We have pillows and towels. Check with us prior to your upcoming hunt, and we will advise you of the type of clothing you might need. On our mountain lion hunts, hunters will be staying in a hotel so only your personal items will  be needed, besides your weapon. So make sure to pack inter clothing, winter boots, gators, gloves, and cold weather gear. Don't forget your camera & fresh batterys.


Hunting Items


Binoculars, gloves, camouflage clothing, rain gear, plenty of bullets or extra arrows, range finder, rifle, bow, shooting sticks, hunting boots, repellant, gators, and warm clothing for possible change of weather depending on the time of your hunt. All food and beverages are included in your bear, elk, and deer hunts. The lion hunts hunters will have to take care of their evening meals. (Alcohol beverages are not included but allowed after hunting hours.)