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Santa Fe Carson National Forest Muzzle Loader, Rifle and Archery Hunt

Our muzzleloader, rifle, and archery hunts take place in the Santa Fe or Carson National forests. Because of the size of these units, a person has a good chance to harvest and elk. Because of the time year, the bulls will be at the tail end of the rut on these hunts. The elevation that we will be hunting in is 7000 - 9000 feet. During this time, the nights are cool, but the days are normally comfortable. On a good year our clients will have shooting opportunities and will see many elk. The size of the elk in these units run between 220 - 340 B and C points. Shooting opportunity for archery runs 100% with a 40% harvest. Shooting opportunity for the rifle hunt is 100% with a 75% harvest. If unsuccessful in the state drawing, a landowner permit is available to guarantee you a hunt.



The middle of October will begin the start of our trophy elk hunts in the Gila National Forest in Catron County, New Mexico. During this hunt, you should expect to see bulls in the 300 - 380 B and C class. The bulls that we hunt in this area will be on the tail end of the rut and will only be bugling from time to time. Our method of hunting will be a spot and stalk method, some cow calling, tree stand set up at water holes, and well used elk crossing for most of our afternoon hunts. We will be hunting in elevations of 7000 - 9000 feet. We recommend that the hunter be in good physical condition. There is a limited amount of permits issued in these trophy units, if you are unsuccessful in the draw we can purchase a private landowner permit at you request.



Our archery elk hunts start on the first day of September which is the beginning of the rutting season for elk. The areas we hunt continue to produce trophy class animals year after year. During this hunt, we will hear lots of bulls bugling, which allow our hunters to see and have more shooting opportunities at elk than any other elk hunt we offer. Our method of hunting will consist of bugling and cow calling in bulls, and also sitting on tree stands during our afternoon hunt at well used water holes. In order or our hunters to have an opportunity at one of these great bulls, we recommend that he or she should be in good physical condition and also be very familiar with your archery equipment. In other words, practice, practice, and practice. You should expect to see on this hunt, bulls ranging from 300 - 380 P and Y and even a 400 P and Y bulls are possible in these units. Shooting opportunity on this hunt normally is 100% with a 35% harvest.