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Our mule deer hunts take place on the west boundary of the renowned Jicarilla Apache Indian reservation in Rio Arriba County.

These permits are issued on a limited draw basis to hunt over a million acres of the National forest and BLM lands. This is one of the few units classified as a quality hunt. Our hunting methods in this area will consist of walking benches and mesas covered with piñon, sagebrush, and juniper, where we have found these large bucks to congregate. There is also many accessible roads in most areas allowing us to cover a lot of the areas during the prime times of the morning and late evening. We recommend that our hunters be in good physical condition for this hunt and also be very familiar with your weapon. Doing this will only give you a greater opportunity to harvest a great buck. We have harvested several B and C bucks in the last 9 years. The largest buck scoring 206 6/8 net typical and 217 gross typical B and C. Please contact us for the draw application process. *Deadline to apply is March 18, 2016.