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If you are looking for an opportunity to harvest a black bear, brown bear, cinnamon, bear or blonde bear, New Mexico is the place to hunt.

Bear hunting offers nothing but excitement from the time the rig dogs strike a bear to the time the bear is treed or bayed. We have one of the best-proven packs of bear dogs in the southwest. Treeing a bear allows us the opportunity to truly judge the size and the sex of the bear before harvesting. Last season we continued to have a 100% success on treeing bear for clients, plus treeing several bears that we didn’t harvest due to the size or color. 90% of the bears harvested were light brown or chocolate brown, with some having a blonde color to them. Our bears will weigh between 250 - 575 pounds. We offer a 5-day hunt which include lodging (a travel trailer or 1st class tent camp accommodations,) meals, one on one guide service per hunter and preparation of trophy for mounting. Opportunity to harvest a bear of your choice is 100%. Your state license is to be purchased 2 days prior to your hunt. Bear season normally runs from August 15, 2016 through mid October.